How to Prevent Entrepreneurial Blind Spots

Business ownership isn’t just about the destination—the journey can be just as rewarding. Yet many entrepreneurs become so obsessed that they fail to see the dangerous curves ahead.

Brace yourself, fellow chaos-fighters, because today I’m divulging my checklist for keeping control of the wheel. Keep your eyes on the road and check those blind spots, folks…

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Video transcription:

Entrepreneurs often thrive on momentum. You’re like a semi-truck barreling down the road at high speed. However, if you don’t check your blind spots in the mirror regularly, you may crush others or even end up in an accident.

Here are three ways that you can check your entrepreneurial blind spots.

First of all, ask your customers. Give them an outlet where they can give suggestions for improvement to your business. Their opinion is perhaps the most important of all.

Second, provide a way for your employees to provide anonymous feedback. Yes, they may hesitate to give their boss direct feedback. But, if you give an anonymous outlet, you’ll get great insights about your business.

And third, use an advisor such as a business coach or a mentor and ask them, “What blind spots do I have?” Their third-party perspective will give you a lot of wisdom.

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Thanks for watching and remember—objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

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