How switchtasking can lead to burnout syndrome

“If someone asks me to do just one more thing, I’m going to lose it!”

Sound familiar? It may be due to a new diagnosis the World Health Organization came out with called the “burnout syndrome.”

While in New York City, I interviewed with BoldTV, an Al Roker Entertainment venture. In this interview, we discussed the burnout epidemic and how it’s connected to people’s increased tendency to multitask—or “switchtask,” as I call it.

Check out the symptoms of both and see if you can make a correlation between the two.

The three main symptoms of switchtasking are:

* Things take longer to complete

* You make more mistakes

* Your stress levels increase

Now, the symptoms of burnout syndrome:

* Your level of performance with your job decreases

* You experience emotional exhaustion and depleted energy levels

* You have physical symptoms related to chronic stress

* You feel alienated towards your job with increasing levels of cynicism and negativity.

IF YOU’RE EXPERIENCING BURNOUT, TRY THIS FIRST ➡️ Start by simply doing one active task at a time. Commit to avoiding switchtasking for two weeks. Professional help may be necessary, but perhaps an increase in focus is all you need.

If you’re noticing the symptoms of burnout syndrome in your office, I’d love to come speak with your team about ways to avoid it and learn to love their job again! Learn more about how at

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