Why giving people your full attention is good business

“Uh-huh, yep…mmmhmmm. I’m sorry, could you repeat that?”

You know that kind of conversation. The one where the other person is pretending to listen while he scrolls on his phone, or tries typing out an email, while you’re attempting to talk to him.

It’s not a good feeling at all. It makes you feel unimportant, even if that’s not the intention. Sadly, it’s a very common problem we face in today’s society.

Imagine if you answered your company phone like this: “Hi, thank you for calling. You’re not important to me!”

That would be crazy! Yet that’s the message you send when you try to switchtask on a person.

Next time, when you’re having a conversation with someone, stop all other tasks and give that person your full attention. When you do, you’ll start to notice a positive change in your relationships.

How do you make sure you focus on people? I’d love to hear it!

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