Why It’s Good Business to Say No to Customers

Are some customers sucking the life out of you, draining your energy, time, and patience? Oddly enough, small business owners that say no to (some) customers tend to build better sales.

My uber-speedy slice of small business advice will refuel and reignite your sales in a counterintuitive way. Careful! This one’s so hot it may burn your tongue…

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One of my favorite moment as a small business coach is when my clients report to me that they’ve said no to more business.

Business owners say “yes” far too much. They say yes to the wrong customers. I call these “Siphons” in my book, The Focused Business. And Siphons ruin your business’s reputation.

Also, small businesses can get in the trap of growing too fast, which is great for the top line of sales but bad for the bottom line of profit. And also, business owners can just get too busy working with too many customers. As a result, they get burned out.

The most powerful tool that you can have as a business owner is learning how to refer people to someone else. You want to keep the best customers. But customers that aren’t a fit for your business belong with someone else.

I’d like you to share below the last time you said no to a customer and what the result was. Share that in the comments section below.

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Thanks for watching. Now go say “NO” to someone today.

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Share the last time you said no to a customer. What was the result?

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