How speedy customer service improves customer loyalty

“Woah. That was fast! Good job.”
Who wouldn’t be ecstatic to hear this said about them? I know I love it.
However, do we hear it often enough? The realization of how important speedy customer service is was driven home during a Yankee‘s game I attended the other day with my family. Why?
The trend in the sports industry is trying to SHORTEN the game due to an increasingly short attention span among their fan base. Wild, right?
Yet, the short attention span dilemma applies to just about any business now. Think about it…the faster you get what you want, the happier you are as a consumer.
Of course, quality is still critical, but we need to give great quality while also increasing delivery speed.
There’s even research showing that if you don’t respond to a sales lead within the first five minutes, you’re chances of closing it dramatically decreases!
What do you do to ensure a speedy, quality turn around for your customers? I’d love to hear it!
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