3 Steps to Targeting Your Customers & New Course: Small Business Secrets

Small business owners and entrepreneurs often prioritize one thing: getting more customers. That’s not bad, but your strategy can’t just be all about quantity. We must consider quality, otherwise Chaos Inc. takes control. If only you had someone walking you through the process of targeting the BEST customers… Well, now you do! This week lynda.com … Continue reading “3 Steps to Targeting Your Customers & New Course: Small Business Secrets”

Don’t Cut Costs to Save Money in Your Business

Businesses never make money by saving money. Instead of trying to save money in your business, you must invest your money in such a way that it earns a return for your business. Instead of cutting costs, watch this short video and inspire yourself to start thinking about where you should be investing your resources.

How to Build a Stronger Professional Network

Your professional network needs to stay professional, but… Aren’t your friends a lot less guarded around you than your business contacts? How do you tear down the walls that exist between you and your professional connections–without getting too close to them? Watch the video to find out!