Arby’s Apple Crisp: A lesson for small business

There’s nothing worse than biting into a shiny, crisp red apple only to find it’s rotten on the inside. Imagine how customers feel when they get let down by big business promises!

So today my extra tasty small business slice is focused on those bad apple businesses, and how you can nab a piece of their pie.

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I often tell my small business coaching clients to not copy the marketing tactics of big businesses.

For instance, recently Arby’s was advertising a product called the Apple Crisp. It looked delicious so I ordered it. But once I actually dug in to the Apple Crisp, I found out it was neither apple nor crisp. In fact, I dissected this product and found that the majority of it was sponge cake.

This is an example of how you as a small business owner can capture market share from big businesses. What it takes is reviewing the products and services that you sell and making sure that you’re delivering on your promises–No, that you’re even exceeding those promises.

So I would like you to share in the comment section below one area in which you’re exceeding customer expectations in a product or service that you sell. Please share that below.

And also, if you’ve got any questions you’d like me to answer in a future video, ask that below as well.

Thanks for watching. Now go do something to surprise your customers today.

Join the conversation: Share one area in which you are exceeding customer expectations in a product or service that you sell.

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